Recovery Centers of America is fundamentally transforming the treatment of addiction and the capabilities of those in recovery. Our goal is to help 1-million Americans achieve and sustain meaningful, lasting recovery, and to become a leading force for advocacy, public education and the advancement of addiction medicine.

America’s addiction crisis has reached epidemic proportions and is destroying the physical and mental health of individuals and families, straining our medical system, and eroding our communities. RCA is answering this massive problem with an equally massive response. By bringing together America’s leading clinicians, scientists, practitioners and addiction medicine professionals with enterprise-level business leadership, RCA will escalate the standard of addiction care, provide ongoing treatment and recovery support for those who suffer from this chronic disease, and make effective treatment available across the nation.

RCA’s unique, full-service Neighborhood Model sets it apart from all other treatment programs and facilities. RCA is pioneering a comprehensive, full-service treatment system across multiple levels of care closer to home. RCA’s network of neighborhood-based Recovery Campuses will become beacons of learning and change within the communities they serve. They will be centers of sobriety, treatment, spiritual life and healthy sober living for both individuals and families in recovery.